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Faxion Review


Publisher: UTV True Games
Free 2 play open beta stage
Release date: 2011

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Another free to play MMORPG. This one however comes with unique features. Faxion Online in its testing stages claim to offer high impact PVP experience as well as unique features such as Visceral Combat System.
According to Faxion website, the game doesn’t make the player select a simple class to play but give them the ability to multiclass across all classes, letting the player create its own special character. It is a fascinating feature to unlimit your creativity and individualise players.
Faxion Online
We have recently taken a look at the Visceral Combat system which is basically a technology that blinds you when your character is blinded. What your character feels, you feel!
After downloading the game client which doesn’t take too long to install, you are givent the option to select a main class. There are three of them. One is Fighter, the other is Mage and finally a Healer. Of course you can benefit from multiclassing and create your own special character by building on one of the main classes.
Faxion Online
You jump into the game and a tutorial welcomes you as you expect. The tutorial covers pretty much everything from basic controls to equipping your character, accepting quests, finding your way on the map, using the interface in combats and how to interact with NPC’s and other chars.
The story is basically about a confict between Heaven and Hell and both sides seek the domination of Seven Deadly Sins. This is when you need to select a side. Hell or Heaven. It’s up to you.
Faxion Online
Territorial Control is important as you get to access to these areas once you acquire their control.
Inside the short tutorial, you are given basic quests, such as talking to NPC’s, receiving new quests and completing them.
When you complete a quest, you are rewarded with Gold which you can use later to buy items. Once you equip your character with weapons, you are asked to combat with some weak NPC’s. This basically shows you how to use the items you have to defeat your enemies. As we have sided in Heaven during our playing time, we are told to help lost souls and we defeat them by casting our spells on them. When you beat an enemy, you LOOT their items and also receive experience points and GOLD.
Faxion Online
Graphics and the GUI
The graphics are pretty good and despite a few bugs we have noticed in the 3D engine, everything looks ok. The controls are easy to learn if you are an MMORPG gamer. There are shortcut keys for each action and all of these are shown on the screen .
Faxion Online
Hardware Requirements
You may want to set the game to windowed mode, however we couldn’t find an option to select the resolution for the windowed mode. As for the fullscreen mode, there are options for any type of resolution and refresh rates. Graphics settings are quite advanced and you can modify it according to your setup.
The game engine seems to be well optimized as we didn’t see any sort of frame rate drops. It should run on any mid-range system just like it’s mentioned on the official website.
Party and Level Requirements
In Faxion you can have a part of maximum 5 members. Luckily there are no level restrictions so you can group with any of your friends regardless of their levels.
Faxion Online
Monetization and purchasing items
It’s free to play but just like in any MMORPG, you can buy items at TrueCoins shop. Annouced by the publisher, all purchases are optional and the game does not penalize players who do not make any purchases.
Stat system
The stat system is free. You can always customize your character by redistributing the stat points, therefore experimenting with different character specifcations.
Faxion Online
Final Words
Even in this testing stage, Faxion looks and plays very well. Visuals are ok except for the poor UI, there are interesting quests and the multiclass system allows unique character creations. The story is interesting and it promises a unique adventure to each player based on the side they take. This is a game we are looking to play the final version. There will certainly be a review of the final product on when it is available.

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