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Maestia Rise of Keledus is a new fantasy MMORPG. Created by Ia, the world of Misilen had its first human being "Keledus" on the island. Ia's own creation Keledus first explored, and learned but ultimately he desired the power of his creator to rule the world. When Keledus finally attacked Ia, she was able to survive but she turned to a form of light as she ascended. That day, the saddest day was called "Maestia" by the people of the island. And now, for a human to ascend, they have to collect one of the Seven Keys. As Keledus had lost two of these seven keys, people believed that one day a warrior would come and acquire those two keys to ascend to the sky and resurrect Ia. This is the story of Maestia. The game offers all Solo, group and PvP battles you can see in classic MMORPGs but it also has its own set of unique features. Such as the Prayer System. The prayer system allows players to take quests using the psychic link without having to travel from zone to zone. Another unique feature is the game mode that combines PvE and PvP that takes action to a new level in an MMORPG. There are epic mounts determined by your class, advanced crafting options, magical pets and massive bosses that are designed to challenge teams of players. The game's character customization is also decent offering character attributes from the regulars; Gender, Face, Body Type to other details such as tattoo and hairstyle...


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