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The Secret World

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Funcom's modern day MMORPG "The Secret World" claims it has all the potential to become one of the legendary MMO games this year. Funcom defines the game as a revolutionary MMO. We call it "One of the most Unique MMO's we have ever seen." In the Secret World, there are three secret societies. The Illuminati, The Dragon and the Templars. Players join one of these secret societies and fight together or against other players for one purpose only; Global domination. These Secret Societies have only one goal and that's power, that'd domination. Imagine if all the conspiracy theories you've heard of before has become the reality. In The Secret World, you play as a new recruit who joins a secret society and tries to figure out the myths around him. The Secret World features, story rick quests and missions which will take you back to the good old days of adventure games. Investigation missions will keep you addicted. TSW is one of the best looking MMO's with new episodes of content being added to the game each month. read more→

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