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Fans Petition to bring The Division to PC

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the divisionTom Clancy's The Division was a surprise hit for Ubisoft this year, just like Watch Dogs last. Exactly like Watch Dogs in that everybody wants to give it a go for themselves, although at this point that seems unlikely. The Division seems to be between those that are willing to pay for next-gen consoles, and those who own current gen machines and high end PCs. Is that the final answer? Might things change in the future?

One group of potential buyers are hoping that a PC version might be on the horizon.

Ubisoft already said that they're willing to think about making a PC version of the game, if the interest is there. They asked people to sign petitions or send in emails to give an impression of how many people are willing to buy. That's how the "The Division for PC" petition got started up, and there are currently nearly 75,000 signatures. Is that enough to get your attention, Ubisoft?

Despite similar efforts in the past - often which fall on deaf ears - the fact that the publisher themselves are following this one so closely shows that a PC version is definitely possible, perhaps it's even in development, and that once the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions of the game are on shelves, it's more than possible that PC version could be just around the corner.

The Division, which is an MMO set in a New York afflicted by a terrible disease, looked more than a little exciting when it was revealed at E3, and is bound to be worth a follow for fans of the genre, of shooters and of next generation gaming. A companion app for mobile devices will ensure you can join in the fun whereever you are, including, eventually, PC (if this petition manages to make the impression it should).

What do you think?

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