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SWTOR: Update 1.7 to Introduce Galactic Reputation

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SWTOR Update 1.7 and reputation pointsStar Wars The Old Republic's game update 1.7 is going to introduce the new Galactic Reputation system that will allow players earn rewards through heroic contributions to organizations. Players will gain reputation points and they will unlock organization ranks from an Outsider to a Legend. Each Rank is going to unlock a new reward and these rewards will become available for the players at Reputatio Vendors throughout the galaxy. Read on for the details of the Galactic Reputation system.


Galactic Reputations in Star Wars The Old Republic

The Old Republic's latest developer blog post has revealed all the details of the upcoming Galactic Reputation system. This new system is a new feature that is coming with SWTOR Update 1.7. Galactic Reputations will be a new way to win rewards, and special in-game titles. 

So what is the Reputation? Reputation is a new way to measure a character's position in the eyes of a specific organization. The higher the reputation of a player is, the higher the prestige they have...

There will be six ranks for each organization:

  • Outsider
  • Newcomer
  • Friend
  • Hero
  • Champion
  • Legend

Reputation Points in SWTOR

Gain ranks and win rewards and titles.

Outsider, obviously is the lowest rank and the Legend is the highest. When a player gains reputation points, his rank will increase in the organization. When the player reaches the Legend rank, that will gain the player a permanent legendary position.

With the increasing reputation rank, there will be new rewards for the player. These rewards won't be automatically added tho, players will go to the organization Reputation Vendors and claim their rewards. 

Galactic Reputations and Legacy Titles

Besides the rewards, there will be special Legacy Titles that players can unlock when they achieve specific Reputation Ranks. For instance a player will be able to unlock a new Legacy Title that reads "Honored Voss-Friend". (Voss is the name of an organization)

This is an all-round great feature for players looking to make a name for themselves in organizations. If you're looking for a fancy title and easy to win rewards, wait for Update 1.7. You can read the whole blog post here.

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