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swtor update 2.2 screenshot

Who doesn't like winning extra XP? Every now and then, a game developer announces a special weekend event that gamers can join and double the experience points to level up at 2X speed. Star Wars The Old Republic's double XP weekends was announced earlier this month and if you have not benefited from it yet, you still have a chance. The Double XP weekends returned for the 2nd time yesterday. There will another one next week and the following weeks in July. It's time to call up your guild friends and dive into one of the new Nightmare Mode operations.

SWTOR fan makes Darth Malgus costume

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You never know what a true fan is capable of. And when it's about Star Wars, I believe there are no limits. A Star Wars The Old Republic fan from Ireland, created this Darth Malgus costume from scratch. The mask is a silicone CFX Geezer mask the saber is an Ultrasabers 'Malice'. Fantastic work by a true enthusiast. No effects and no CGI in this video. What can we say! (Source: Youtube)

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SWTOR updates in summer

Bioware has announced some great news for Star Wars The Old Republic fans. SWTOR which is going to have its Update 2.2 on June 11th has got a lot more coming this summer. In June and July, community will enjoy Double XP weekends, July 9th will see Nightmare Mode Scum and Villainy will launch. Update 2.3 will arrive early August. PvP related update will come with Update 2.4 but no date on that yet! Read on for all the details.

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