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The Secret World's New Lair Raid Is Live

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New Lair Raid in The Secret WorldIt has been a month since The Secret World's Issue 6: Last Train to Cairo went live. Today, Funcom has announced that a brand new Lair Raid has just completed its final testing and it's gone live on The Secret World servers. This new raid creates a connection to our dimension, and allows players to challenge the mysterious and brutal Eidolon of the Outer Dark. Read on to the trailer and details of the new Lair Raid.


New Lair Raid - The Secret World Issue 6

The Secret World's content packs, aka Issues are full of new content. The latest content pack, Issue 6 was released last month and it took players to Egypt as they tried to stop the Last Train to Cairo and prevent the dark prophet from spreading to our dimension. The new Lair Raid is like the ultimate Lair Raid where you will meet the monster from Outer Dark. Before you can take on this challenge, you will have to prove that you are up to this taks. 

Players need to gather all the pattern pieces from existing Lair bosses before entering this new Lair Raid. 

This new ten player raid involves finding the location of the portal and then perform a ritual before players can enter this dimension. 

The Secret World New Lair Raid

According to the announcement, there are some rare and powerful rewards for those who complete this raid. We have the previous Issue 6 preview trailer if you want to see short scenes from the Lair Raid. 

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