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Battlefield Heroes Review


Battlefield Heroes Review


 Free to play MMO Shooter

 Publisher: EA Digital Illusions

Battlefield Heroes Video Review 

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Battlefield Heroes is the distant cousin of the realistic FPS that has been entertaining PC and console fans alike for almost 10 years. From Battlefield 1942 through to Battlefield 3, countless hours of FPS hours have been spent within the franchise and perhaps that’s why it has risen to be one of the top shooters on the market. The last game in the series, Battlefield 3, was a game that took beautiful graphics and massive locations to the next level and made more than a few computers show their age, but for those of us without the state-of-the-art systems, there are alternatives. There are two free-to-play titles in the Battlefield series and over the last week we’ve taken a look at the third person action game, Battlefield Heroes.

Battlefield Heroes Battlefield Heroes
Battlefield Heroes doesn't look like the Battlefield games you know, does it? It is still fun to play!


The Price: Free-to-play games always have one major advantage: the price. The very idea of getting a game in the Battlefield series without having to shell out is definitely a plus and may just be enough to tempt franchise-haters to test it out.

Stylish Shooter: I quite like the art style and it’s nice to see the cell-shaded look work in such an entertaining environment. It’s incredibly easy on the eyes, very colourful and enough to set it apart from other games on the market.

Battlefield Heroes Battlefield Heroes

Tried and True: The gameplay reminds me quite a bit of Battlefield 1943, which was a favourite of mine when it first came out. You have to capture flags and fight enemies at the same time, reducing tickets more quickly if you hold the most flags. It’s a fantastic system, involving both simple shooter and a more tactical gameplay at the same time.

Graphics: While I love the art style, the graphics leave a lot to be desired. Crips and colourful, it never feels like you’re looking at a HD, top of the range game, something previous entries in the series have pushed more than anything. The name alone sets your expectations high and the game itself fails to stand tall.

It’s a Battlefield?  Similarly, the very fact that this is a Battlefield game is a little confusing. Had I been made to bet, I’d have guessed that this was developed by a different company and EA bought the game and slapped the Battlefield name on it, but no, DICE developed the initial game. Those enticed in by the brand might end up not getting what they want, especially those who started playing with Bad Company 2 and Battlefield 3.

Battlefield Heroes Battlefield Heroes

Vehicular Combat: It wouldn’t be a Battlefield game without various vehicles to enjoy. A lot of the levels don’t have access to them (which is why this is a neutral), but on suitable levels you can expect aerial combat and quick transport via jeeps.

The Whistling:  If you’ve ever played the game, you know exactly what I’m getting at here. The theme song is annoyingly addictive and I imagine that after a day of playing Battlefield Heroes you’re ready to take a screwdriver to the temple in an attempt to get it out of your head. Seriously, look it up and YouTube and just try not to whistle alone. I dare you.

Launch: Launching this game is  a hassle. Despite having things installed on my computer, to launch the game I have to go onto the Battlefield Heroes website and click launch game, which then launches the client. In the start menu, there’s no easy way to launch the client, instead there’s just a link to the website. I’m thinking there’s probably a way around it, but there shouldn’t have to be really.

The Players: Sometimes you’ll get into a very good game, but more often than not you’ll end up playing with idiots. More than once I’ve found myself on a team on which half of my teammates aren’t moving or they’re running at the enemy and being obliterated before firing a single shot. I’m not sure if this is down to my relatively low level (I only just started the game, after all) and if elite players end up having better games, but in terms of those first few hours you can definitely expect to be massively frustrated.

Advertising for Dummies: You were just killed by a gang of enemies with bigger weapons; did you know that you could purchase health kits to improve your chances of surviving? Or how about buying better equipment that would definitely improve your game? If you’re not the sort of person who buys things like that, how about experience boosters? You’ll hear all this and more as you wait for a game to load or when you die. And if that wasn’t enough, you’ll be reminded of special purchases or new costumes every time you load the game. I hope you have your credit card ready, it’s free-to-play but EA definitely don’t want you to settle for that.

PunkBuster’d: Punkbuster is an anti-cheating program and in Battlefield Heroes you’re likely to see quite a bit of it. Google “kicked by Punkbuster” and you’ll see multiple mentions of both Battlefield Heroes and Battlefield Play4Free on the front page. The issue is hugely annoying, especially when you’re doing well, and it’s something I hope it levelled out sooner rather than later (although for some, later has come and gone.)

Battlefield Heroes - Review : The Conclusion

Battlefield Heroes is a decent game but I’m not sure it being free-to-play excuses some of the many flaws. There are times when you’ll find a team you really enjoy being with and you’ll have an hour’s worth of fantastic games. Then there are times when you’ll want to turn it off and never play again.


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