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Zomber Squad S4 is live with events

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zomber squadZomber Squad is a new MMORPG from Omprus games that features zombie hunting in your web browser. The browser MMO features cartoon style graphics and several game modes. With the latest server going live last week, the free to play MMORPG has 4 servers now. There are several launch events available on 4th server: Walking Dead and we also have a newbie card that will get you a headstart against the cartoonish zombies. Happy hunting!


Zomber Squad's 4th server: Walking Dead is now live. Celebrating the launch of the forth server, Omprus has thrown in some special events, giving players of different levels the chance to grab some rewards and Building Points, Coke and Mad Gainz Passes, Soma, gold and silver arrows.

Walking Dead events

Level King
If you level up to lvl 20 or above, you will get Gold, Tech Points, Beverages and Silver Arrows. You will get better rewards if you have higher level.

Recruit Hero
Recruit blue hero as required three days after you create your account, you will get rewards such as Building Points, Coke and Mad Gainz Passes. If you recruit better hero, you can get better rewards.

Zomber Squad

Equipment Spree
Collect equipment suits as required in seven days after you create your character and you will get rewards, such as Soma, Gold and Silver Arrows.

Dungeon Ranking
Players who ranked top 100 of Dungeon Progress will get Gold or Gem as rewards.

Zomber Squad giveaway


Claim your Zomber Squad newbie card in 2 steps.

Click the image below and sign up for free. We also have a Zomber Squad giveaway today and you can find your Newbie Card code here after you sign up for the game. 

1- Sign up for free 2. Claim your Newbie Card for free items
Play Zomber Squad Claim your Zomber Squad newbie card




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