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Serenia Fantasy Sailor Pack

Hey everyone. Any Serenia Fantasy fans out there? You're not? Well, this is your chance to start playing the 2D fantasy MMORPG with some extra help from your favorite MMO site. has got a new item pack for Serenia Fantasy and you may be getting one if you act now. The pack includes a coupon box, some useful items, experience boosters and a talent gem to double your rewards in game. It's got a lot more as you can see in the item list below. Just add the item pack to your cart and we will email your code asap.

What’s in the pack:

- Stamina Flask [Bound] - Supplement 1000 Stamina
- Medium Coupon Box(10) - Coupons can be used to purchase in market
-   Double EXP Orb [Bound](5) - Double the EXP from killing monsters
-   Spirit Food IV [Bound](50)
-   Feed spirits to increase talent points
-  Talent Gem [Bound](100) - Double the rewards from completing talent quest
-  Mount EVO Potion [Bound](10) - Upgrade mounts
-  Wings Fortify Feather [Bound](10) - Upgrade wings

How to redeem your awesome Sailor Gift Pack:

1.    Login Game before you will see the NPC “Sarah”2

2.    Click the NPC and choose “Redeem Code Reward”

3.    Input the correct code (pay attention to Capslock), and click the “Done”

4.    There will be a tip, then you can see the mail

5.    Click the Mail button then choose the System Mail, then click the message to receive your reward. The reward will be placed in your bag.

6.    Open your bag, and double click on the New Player Pack.

You may visit Serenia Fantasy website if you have not played the game yet.


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