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Dark Orbit Review


Genre: Sci-Fi MMO (Browser based game)

Type: Free to Play

Publisher: BigPoint

Release: 2009

Client: No Downloads required

Published by Bigpoint Games, Dark Orbit is a free to play Sci-Fi Action MMO in which three companies fight to dominate. Millions of players play this game for a chance to win $10.000 


Far galaxies and a neverending adventure... In Dark Orbit you are a space pilot. In this free MMO Space game, it’s not only about commanding your ship but it’s also about exploring the outer space, flying into far galaxies where noone has ever gone before.
Dark Orbit Scientific Fiction MMO game

The Story

The third century brought many changes to planet Earth. The climate has changed. The nature has changed and the human civilization has been forced to find new habitats to continue its existence. They managed to find different planets in outer space and built colonies on these planets far from planet Earth.
The formation of three giant companies led to conflicts and war has begun. For centuries these three companies have been at war. As you are graduated from Space Academy, it is now your turn to join one of these companies and serve them as best as you can.
Dark Orbit Dark Orbit
Three Companies at war
There are three DarkOrbit companies for you to join. There are no significant differences gameplay wise between these companies.
Once you enter the game, you start with a low profile ship and some basic weapons. Destroy a few NPC’s, complete the inital quests which make you destroy some Streuners, collect Prometium and you will have enough credits to buy new weapons, upgrade your ship and then buy a brand new and a far more enhanced ship. However the number of ships you can buy is fairly limited. It would have been much better if the game had offered more ships. As a beginner you still dream of buying the Goliath.
Simple controls but watch for enemies
Ship controls are simple. In endless space, you can fly anywhere you want and destroy some NPC ships, collect Prometium and complete some quests before you can make friends, join clans and fight in teams.
When you fly your new ship alone, you should watch out for powerful enemies you may fly into. It’s only a matter of minutes before you run into a group of enemies who won’t hesitate to destroy you if you are alone. It is vital to have all the upgrades before you jump into other maps. To do the upgrades, you can go to Skylab.
There are 10 different ships in Dark Orbit
Save the Uridium
You also have a chance to trade with others while you can purchase Uridium to speed up upgrades or buy new and advanced ships and weapons. As Uridium is not easy to find, you should save your Uridium while you complete the basic Quests which is not more than shooting down some NPC Streuners and collecting Prometium in space.
Sci-Fi MMO
Daily login bonus
Each day you login to DarkOrbit, you are rewarded with a bonus so make sure you keep an eye on your account to receive these bonuses from rockets to log-disks.
The quests are the only way to get Uridiums and Credits as well as Experience Points. The initial jobs you are offered are nothing more than collecting Enduriums but it gets tougher once you complete the first few Quests.  In order to accept harder jobs, you need to level up first. The higher the level requirement, the more rewards the job offer as you can expect. There are complicated tasks as wiping out 30 Goliath ships from a PvP map. If you can complete those tasks, you are rewarded with millions of credits and experience points.
Play Dark Orbit


Sooner or later, you will have to join a Clan or create your own Clan. 50,000 Credits is the only thing you need to apply to join a clan. There are thousands of Clans in Dark Orbit and if you are good enough, there will be some Clans who would be interested in your services.


Final Words:


Dark Orbit, free to play Sci-Fi Action MMO game, may lack in customization department due to limited number of ships and weapons but as a free to play game, it’s worth giving it a chance. There are several quests that take you from level zero and give you enough experience to reach a competitve level and join clans. Flying your ship in endless space is always fun and the tension from unexpected enemies in space is highly entertaining. You always have to keep an eye on your radars and make sure you don’t run into a group of enemy ships. Upgrading your ship by completing the Quests and leveling up keeps you in the game and it is highly addictive. Every day you login, you get a bonus and in no time you will have the power to join a Clan and start destroying enemies in PvP maps.

The good

Endless space adds excitement and surprises
Chance to win $10.000
PvP Maps and entertaining and challenging

The bad


Limited customization
Poor User Interface


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Superior thinking demonstrated above. Thkans!

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You’re the one with the brains here. I’m wtaichng for your posts.

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