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DOTA 2 Review

DOTA 2It was the controversy that had fans of the genre up in arms. Who had the right to work on a sequel to the hugely popular Warcraft III mode Defence of the Ancients? Both Valve and Blizzard were working on a game that could be called “DotA 2,” both claiming to be the true sequel to one of the most widespread mods in existence. After months of contestation, Valve was allowed to use the DotA name, with Blizzard switching the name of their game from Blizzard DotA to Blizzard All-stars. 


We were invited to the beta of DotA 2 and you can find our review below. Also check out our video review and be sure to subscribe to DevilsMMO on YouTube.

Dota 2 Review - with Gameplay Video

Pick your Hero – What would a DotA game be without plenty of heroes to choose from. There are a ton of characters with which to practise and each one of them has different strengths and weaknesses, making even your first move – choosing your character – as tactical as the rest of the game. Experimentation is key to the DotA experience.

What a Wonderful World – It’s fair to say that there’s not an awful lot to look at when it comes to DotA. The music and graphics, even the catchphrases of the heroes themselves, are the same time and time again. But for what they are, they definitely go into the Positives column, DotA looks and sounds fantastic.

DOTA 2 review

A 30 Minute RPG – I don’t really see the DotA genre as a RTS game, although I suppose that’s where it started out. To me, it has everything that a great RPG has – drama, rivalries, battle, tension, magic, character progression and, in a way, plot – but in the space of about 30 minutes to an hour. That’s an awful lot to go through in that length of time and there have been games where I’m finished, sat back and just breathed out a sigh of relief in a way not usually inspired by anything but the very best of storylines.

Always Changing – Although DotA is always the same, it’s always changing. Same map, same objectives, even the same characters sometimes, but all dependant on how the players play with the characters they’ve chosen. When the game has matured somewhat, or at least when it’s open to the public, more people will find ways of choosing the best character and following exactly the same method each and every time, but for now every challenge feels fresh and new.

Community – Again, this may change when the beta is over and more people come in, but for the most part I’m really happy with the DotA 2 community. I’ve played other games in this genre and they often feel intense and pressured not because the gameplay is so well built but because when you die, make a mistake or generally screw-up, your teammates will make you more than aware of it – internet style.

DOTA 2 review

Attention to Detail – The attention to detail is impressive. Type LOL into the chat box and your character will laugh out loud, type thanks and they’ll voice their gratitude. More than that though, have two characters meet as they’re walking around, say, the forest, and the two will have a short, always amusing exchange. It won’t happen every time or even every game, but it’s always something magical when it happens.

They Won’t Stop Talking – Yes, having plenty to see and hear is fantastic, but there’s only so many times you can hear the same thing. The commentator will repeat things so often that you’ll be banging your head of the wall in frustration. They’re often helpful things, they might even be key to victory or defeat, but that makes them no less annoying. M-m-m-MONSTER KILL.

Difficulty – I have a little experience with this genre, although compared to the people who play it regularly I’m hardly a beginner. I’ve played for hours and hours and I’ve still not learnt all the intricacies of gameplay, the best game plan for every game or the best sort of character for me. If I was starting from scratch, I’m not sure I wouldn’t be overwhelmed in DotA 2 and I can’t help but feel that a specific beginner’s server might be a good idea.

DOTA 2 review

More of the Same – It’s not really much of a complaint, because I don’t feel that the DotA games have gotten to the point that, for instance, tower defence games have where the market is inundated with very similar products. Still, DotA 2 doesn’t do a huge amount to forward the gameplay aspect of the game, instead choosing to polish, make easier and improve. Not a bad thing so long as you’re not expecting a massive evolution over other games in the genre.

DOTA 2 review


"DotA 2 is an absolutely fantastic game." It’s fair to say it’s a core game, that not everybody will enjoy the measured, pressured gameplay, but it’s probably the most accessible game in the genre I’ve ever played (with the exception of Awesomenauts). Since it’s free-to-play and available right from the Steam program, there’s no reason to think that it wouldn’t be a massive hit anyway. Thankfully though, there’s also a great deal of quality in there and the proof is that I couldn’t find one entirely negative thing to say about it.


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