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Football Superstars Review


Cybersports published this game in 2009 as the first ever  football MMO game. Coli Games has been developing and publishing it since 2013. It has well over 1 million registered players worldwide. It’s basically a football game where you can play matches from 5 aside to 11 aside.


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Football is the most popular sports in the world and football games are as popular as the sport itself. However, finding a football MMO game is not an easy task. Thanks to Cybersports, we have Football Superstars, World's 1st football MMO game. Released in 2009, the game has reached 1 million registered users.


The game has evolved in two years and reached its best with the new patch that has been deployed at the end of 2010. Cybersports' internal development team led by Steve Screech has released several patches in 2011 and they are currently working on patch 2.5 which should be released in May 2011.


Create your new Star!

After a short download and easy installation, the game starts with a character creation screen just like most of the MMO games. There is not much to think about at this stage other than your character name as the character customization options are fairly limited.

Once you have created your character, you reach the tutorial of the game which pretty much covers from basic movements to in match controls, taking you to the pitch with AI players and giving you a taste of the game at its lowest level of difficulty.

The tutorial could have been better but it gets you started.

The 3D world, called as lifestyle in the game looks pretty good. The graphics are not stunning but they are good for an MMO.

It’s not complicated to get yourself in one of the 4 teams that exist in the game other than the custom player teams that are called Player Managed Clubs. You already have picked a club during character creation but don’t worry as you can always change the club with ease in lifestyle.

Here we go!

The stadium is not very detailed and so are the graphics and sound effects but the gameplay mechanics are pretty good and you can even buy fancy skills that will make you look like Cristiano Ronaldo on the field.

It’s not an easy game if you are not familiar with football games. You can use mouse and keyboard controls as well as gamepad but from what we have seen, most of the players prefer mouse and keyboard controls as the game was originally designed to support these controls.

However the game doesn’t put you in front of experienced players as you start your career in Amateur League with players that are also new to the game. Once you familiarize yourself with match controls and play more games, you level up and reach Division 4. The game has 4 divisions and you have to reach certain levels to promote to higher divisions.

What I liked about the game was the gameplay mechanics. Once you have good players around you, you can see build-up plays and fantastic passes ending with screamers as the game by its design rewards team play. This is specially good if you have your own Player Managed Clubs. It is not free to get a PMC club but for a 100% free to play game, it’s not very expensive to get started at your own dream club. 

PMC Clubs and Competitions

When you create your club, you design its logo and kits. You name your own club and then you look for players to help you win cups. This is the tricky part as you need a coach and a captain as well as a scout and of course team players. It’s no child’s play to find the right players for your team but you will make friends while playing FS Club matches. 


Cybersports organize prize tournaments and leagues regularly and we have seen some of the news on their website and it looks like their Superstar League is the Champions League of this game.

Football Superstars PMC teams are sponsored by

DevilsMMO supports MMO gamers and Football Superstars players are some of the lucky ones. We currently support three PMC clans from this game. Devils FC, Universal FC and Eurostars Elite are sponsored by with 500k FSC budget each month.

Recent Patches

Football Superstars has recently been patched to version 2.4 which brought thousands of new items, reconstructed character stats system as well as bug fixes and gameplay updates. Long awaited "injury time" is also added to the game along with some User Interface enhancements. 

Football Superstars review

Final Words

This is a very good MMO sports game with a solid gameplay despite the flaws. There are not any alternatives to this football game, so if you like football and MMO games, this is almost your only option and it is a pretty good one. Just give it a try. There is a huge community in this game that have been playing this game it since it was released. 

This is absolutely free 2 play and only if you want to create your own club, further improve your character in no time and want to have fancy skills, you can purchase FS Credits. There are various payment options offered in game client where you can directly purchase credits.

Cybersports have also announced that the new 3.0 version is coming this month which includes gameplay enhancements as well as thousands of new items.

  • Graphics: 6/10
  • Sound: 6/10
  • Gameplay: 8/10
  • Entertainment: 7/10




To download the game for free, click the button below.


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