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Pit of War Review

Pit of War review

I don’t know about you but I have always been fascinated by the world of Gladiators and the level of competition and the merciless battles in the arenas where nobody surrenders until death. This is probably the highest level of a battle in our history. Fighting to survive... Fighting to kill... That is the meaning of life to a Gladiator who knows nothing else but fight. Browser based strategy MMO Pit of War gives you the chance to train your own team of Gladiators in a world of true survival...

Inhuman strength coming from sculptured bodies of a gladiator turning another’s life into misery after impacts of the deadly weapons. It is not only about killing but also about entertaining the crowd that is looking to view the town’s most talented and powerful gladiators beating the hell out of each other.
It’s an art of fight and survival...
Pit of War is a browser based MMORPG that will let you train slaves into gladiators, building an army of gladiators to dominate the arenas. While you do this, the game tries to trigger your creative mind with beautiful artwork and decent scripts of fights.
The artwork is the first thing you notice when you sign up. Pit of War has been built to create an image in your head for every second you play the game. There is not animated characters or a visually rich game engine but the uniquely designed artwork does the job to keep you attached.
The first goal of the game is to build on your first gladiator. It’s no child’s play to stay alive as a gladiator and train other gladiators. You should be taking jobs at the tavern, complete quests for extra cash, as well as follow the black market fights for additional funds. Gladiators do not come for free. You need to have the facilities and knowledge to train the best gladiators in the world.
In Pit of War, the fights are simulated by the game’s logic engine. The engine simply compares the fighters and simply shapes the battle based on the power and strategies of each fighter . True that, it’s not only about your excellent sword or ax, it is also about the power of knowledge. You need to train your tactics before a fight. Strategies are applied to a fighter in “Fight Strategy” section. This is the most interesting part of this game. Character customization in all its glory. Imagine the number of combinations you can achieve with tens of different priority situations and actions you can apply to your gladiator. Let’s say you want to attack your enemy at your strongest when he is down, select the appropriate trigger event of “your opponent is down” and set activity and blood lust to level 10/10. This will make your gladiator attack your enemy 10/10 when he is down. However this can result in unexpected counter attacks from the opposition so you are expected to select these strategies wisely.
Choose your equipment and take on your opponents. 
Other than this, there are the classic elements of an MMORPG in Pit of War. There is the shop where you can trade and buy new weapons. There is the character sheet where you can train certain skills.
There is also another fun part of the game. The Black Market. Think of this as freestyle fights with no rules whatsoever. This is the PvP action part of the game. You enter the black market and you don’t know who you will be up against next. It could be a 5ft 7 midget or a 6ft 7 monster. Before any fight you should select your skills, weapons, armor and strategies wisely. There are gladiators full of surprise strategies and one of them will take you down at your weakest.
When your gladiators take injuries, you can take them to a temple and pray for them to get well. There is the slave market where the real competition comes to life. Have you got what it takes to take a slave from nothing and turn him into one of the best gladiators? There is your challenge.
Buying a slave is the easiest part (ok, keep in mind we are talking about a game here) teaching him how to fight is the tough one.

Slaves are with no special weapons, no skills whatsoever. You need to keep completing quests to buy new weapons, armor for your gladiators.
What I like about Pit of War’s selection of weapons is that you feel like you will discover a new item everyday. There are so many types of swords, axes, knives, shields and items. The fun part is the looting after a fight. Even if it is an easy opponent from one of the Tavern Quests, you could be finding valuable items after you knock out your poor opponent.
As you can imagine, getting more gladiators require more space. You need to build more buildings like barracks. There is also the need for a vault as you need to keep more items in hand.
The classics of an MMORPG are there in Pit of War as well. The building upgrades, staff upgrades and skill learning.

Fight Strategy is the key to success. As you level up, you will be given more strategies.
What I like about this game is the free to play model is perfectly designed you don’t feel inferior even if you do not make any purchases. Microtranscations are spread around the building upgrades and staff upgrades. These are not mandatory tasks so it doesn’t really ruin your game if you don’t do these upgrades.
Some of the upgrades are locked with your character level. There is no such thing as getting the heaviest armor or the most powerful weapon and winning every fight. It all comes down to the right fighting strategies and the balance between your character’s physical capabilities and selection of weapons.
Pit of War, unlike many browser based MMORPGs will keep you addicted to it for weeks. There is so many fighting strategies to unlock and character development is very satisfactory. There will be gladiators you beat easily and struggle heavily against depending on your strategies. The strategy elements in the game add value to the game and beautiful artwork will help you visualize the life of a gladiator.


Anonymous Mon, 2012-03-26 05:56
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This games cool, But it glitches and every time you sell something it doesnt add the silver or it will minus silver from your stash. So you cant even buy weapons. so it makes it a complete waste of time and frustrating.

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