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MMO Games in 2012 - Recap Part I

30. December, 2012Tags: MMO Blog, MMO Industry

Recap on MMO Games in 2012Another year over, another year to look forward to; the MMO world is constantly changing, evolving, trying new things and gaining new fans. Perhaps that’s why it’s so incredibly difficult to keep track of it all. 2012 has been a great year for MMOs - perhaps the best ever – and the trends started for 2013 are going to be very, very important. Continue reading for a recap on MMO games in 2012.


In an attempt at looking back at 2012, we’ve compiled some of the most important news of the past twelve months into a nice, easy to read compilation. If there are things we’ve missed or things you’re looking forward to, be sure to hit up our comments section below. This is part I covering January through June, part II is MMO World in 2012 - Recap Part I


Bethesda Acquire the Rights to Fallout MMO – The year began on an important piece of news in the world of MMO games. After massive legal battles and much controversy, Bethesda won its lawsuit with Interplay over the Fallout IP. Interplay had only been allowed to create the game under certain conditions and they had breached those conditions. Interplay called it unfair, Bethesda said that was the terms of the agreement. Bethesda won. It wouldn’t be the most exciting Betheda/Zenimax MMO news of the year, however…

SWTOR Terror From Beyond

The Old Republic is Doing Well – Released at the very end of 2011, the first few months of The Old Republic were very, very strong.  It becomes the fastest growing subscription based MMO ever (according to EA) and, other than the fact that people were completing all the quests far sooner than Bioware guessed they would, people are happy. Users quip that it’ll become free-to-play before long; Bioware stress that it really won’t.

Blizzard’s Next to Feature Product Placement – The next Blizzard MMO will feature product placement, at least if a job advertisement at the beginning of the year is to be believed. Titan is supposedly based upon a new IP and the product placement would apparently work within the universe. If it brings down the subscription fee (or eliminates it), is there anything to complain about? This is the internet, so yes.


Warhammer 40K MMO isn’t Dead – Although there had been rumblings of disaster behind the scenes, a THQ financial meeting confirmed that the Warhammer 40K MMO was still in development, but that the troubled publisher was seeking a partner on the game. Things wouldn’t turn around for THQ, although their statements on the 40K MMO definitely would.

The Secret World

The Secret World Heats Up – There was quite a lot of news about The Secret World in February, including a release date announcement. One previewer called it “the game Bioware couldn’t make,” and the developers spoke about the importance of story in an MMO. Some even call it the best MMO of 2012 today.



EverQuest Goes Free-To-Play – One of the most popular, beloved MMOs of all time, Everquest becomes available to everybody without the need of a subscription. This was one of the first games of the year to ditch a subscription and perhaps it was the least surprising.

Warhammer 40K MMO IS Dead – THQ confirm that work on the Warhammer 40K MMO has been abandoned, but that they’re using the work already done to create a single player game. Over 100 employees were laid off. What a difference a month can make.

The Elder Scrolls Online

An Elder Scrolls MMO?! – March saw rumours that Bethesda were working on an Elder Scrolls MMO. Tired of the fuss people were making about Skyrim, reaction was mixed, although the positive was really positive.

The Mass Effect Ending – Although not an MMO, the Mass Effect 3 ending caused ripples throughout the gaming world. Some people felt they deserved a better ending to a franchise they’d bought into for years, others felt strongly enough to petition against Bioware and even launch lawsuits against the company. The end of March and most of April saw Bioware getting backlash for this whenever the company was mentioned, including news for The Old Republic.


The Wii U Can Do MMOs – It’s hard to believe, but in April gamers were jumping at every piece of Wii U news as if it was food and they were starving. Nintendo didn’t want to tell us anything (despite everybody knowing release date was getting closer and closer) and Funcom’s comment that the Wii U could do MMOs “without compromise” turned more than a few heads. Although there’s no proof of this as of yet, Funcom did their bit in preserving Nintendo-based excitement for that much longer.


TERA enters Open Beta- En Masse releases new trailers for TERA, announced the visceral combat and launches back to back open beta weekend events. DevilsMMO's TERA Beta Preview.

Diablo 3 Enters Open Beta- launches the highly anticipated open beta for Diablo 3.

Kingisle announce Pirate 101- Wizard 101’s creator Kingisle Entertainment announce a new MMO “Pirate 101”. Today, some fans believe it's the best free MMO of 2012

Guild Wars 2 Sales, suspended and reinstated… - ArenaNet forced to pause digital purchases of Guild Wars 2 as they exceed capacity. Later on, they resume the sales in NA. First time an MMO is sold out digitally! celebrate 1 year anniversary!


The Elder Scrolls Online Announced - The Elder Scrolls Online will feature a fully single player adventure (online, but alone) and will be released in 2013. For a moment, the internet seemed to break down. Hungry for more news, people dug, dug, dug for more information, although it wouldn’t come for quite a few more months. Meanwhile, a group of analysts predict that ESO will be subscription based.

Marvel Heroes Teaser Trailer – Hidden between news about The Elder Scrolls Online was a teaser trailer for Marvel Heroes, a hack-and-slash MMO featuring your favourite heroes and villains, as well as some more obscure parts of Marvel history. One commenter asked “Can you equip Daedric Artifacts?” and then went back to looking at news about The Elder Scrolls Online.

Iron Man - Marvel Heroes MMO

Family Guy Online enter Beta – One of the funniest TV shows ever, Family Guy Online enter its Beta testing as a browser based game this time following a disastrous XBOX and PS2 attempts.

1 million registrations to The Secret World OBT – Funcom break records with 1 million players registering for The Secret World’s upcoming Open Beta.


Funcom Building Lego MMO – June saw more excitement over The Elder Scrolls Online, but it also saw the announcement of Funcom’s Lego MMO. Not much was revealed, outside of the fact that Funcom had acquired the licence.

The Old Republic Might Go Free-To-Play – Rumours had been half-jokingly thrown around for some months now, but June saw the first serious signs of a game in trouble. After the fastest growing subscription-based MMO had been named such, players dropped off and BioWare started offering free weekends and guest passes. After months of denying it, a BioWare spokesperson said they were looking into free-to-play, but couldn’t promise anything.

TERA Argon Queen

TERA Demo hits Gaikai – If you didn’t want to download TERA to try it out, a streaming demo version of the game hit cloud gaming service Gaikai. Although game streaming takes some serious internet power, it at least got the game’s name on the front page of websites around the net.

Diablo 3 launch issues – Blizzard’s Diablo 3 launch becomes  a disaster as players report connection problems and hacked accounts.

Red 5 Studios Updates Firefall, removes levels – Firefall’s developer Red 5 announces that it’s going to be making drastic changes to the open world shooter in the next update. The biggest change is the removal of levels.

Menace of the Underdark

Menace of the Underdark goes live – Dungeons & Dragons Online’s first premium expansion Menace of the Underdark gets released. The Forgotten Realms setting with new areas, dungeons and monsters welcome fans.


This concludes the first part of our Recap on MMO Games in 2012. You can read the second part of MMO Games 2012 Recap here.


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