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Unity 3 is the future

26. March, 2011Tags: News, Unity

Unity 3 is a game development environment that lets developers to create games for web, mobile or console.

Created by Unity Technologies, Unity simply brings stunning 3D games right to your browser (or mobile) without worrying about the platform. 

More and more developers are using UNITY these days. Battlestar Galactica Online has been developed with Unity as well and it looks pretty amazing. They have recently upgraded to the newest version of UNITY too.

BeGone is another good example showing what Unity is capable of. Go visit and try BeGone, a free multiplayer FPS yourself to see the power of UNITY.


Rendering power of UNITY:


In the new version, UNITY 3.0, full editor overhaul and new features have been added. With new lightmapping technology, deferred rendering, lens effects and tones of new additions, we should be seeing stunning games in our web browsers soon.

For more information on UNITY:

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