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Defiance Diary Episode #8: Scrapper Uprising

06. July, 2013Tags: Defiance, Defiance Diary, MMO Blog

Defiance Scrapper UprisingIf you have seen the previous episode of Defiance Diary, I had taken you to the Verdant Ridge, where you could practice, test a new weapon or just shoot a dozen of mutants for some XP. The farm was a perfect place for beginners as well. Talking about beginners, Defiance is definitely a perfect choice for those who are not familiar with the third person shooter games. This is something I’d like to discuss before we join a Scrapper Uprising event. Read on to see the largest Scrappers you will ever see.

Defiance: Can it be your first third person shooter game?

My answer is; Absolutely. The learning curve in most shooters are not very friendly to a player who is completely a stranger to the genre. Developers usually take it for granted that everyone who picks up their game knows a little bit about shooters. This can often become a problem and may be quite intimidating if someone wants to try out a shooter without any experience in shooter games.

Defiance does a great job of getting anyone interested in the game after 10 minutes. If you can ignore some of the issues with the UI and the menus, and forget about the EGO grid and the salvage matrix, this is a game anyone can pick up and play. Controls are easy, you get a nice tutorial in the beginning and you’re not thrown directly into the middle of a fight like one of those Call of Duty or Medal of Honor Series. You just pick up a gun, get to learn the basics of the game, take your first special ability and then face easy-to-kill enemies. Nothing is really challenging in the beginning. So if you have not been interested in third person shooters before today, and if you want to try a game today, give Defiance a shot and I promise you this, you won’t regret it! (No I can’t offer you a refund if you don’t like the game .)

Defiance Diary Episode 8

See the Verdant Ridge episode

Scrapper Uprising

Just like an arkfall event, such as the Raider Destruction, Scrapper Uprising is a fantastic experience for a large group of arkhunters. This event has got some of the largest Scrappers you can ever see on the planet; Scrapper Progenitor. Check out the enclosed video and you’ll see how large they are. The goal is to destroy them all.

Defiance shooting scrappers with sniper rifle

How to destroy a Scrapper?

To destroy a Scrapper, you need to destroy their power generator. You can also shoot their heatsinks. When you shoot a heatsink, it’s more likely that Scrapper will lock on to you and a couple of other arkhunters and bring that giant arm right down on top of you. So watch out. Sometimes it’s hard to see some of the heatsinks but if you keep an eye on your crosshair indicator, you’ll notice them. The event takes about 30 minutes (max) and it’s best  to keep your finger on that trigger forever. To be honest Scrapper Uprising event is the most entertaining one if you attack scrappers as a large group of arkhunters. You’re going to see smaller Scrappers too and they are relatively easy to kill. Elite Scrapper Omnivolt or maybe some Mongrels…

Defiance diary scrapper uprising

The more arkhunters you've got, the better!

As you can see in the video, this one took only about 11 minutes with 20+ players,  and despite joining late, I earned 6750 XP for a little under 70k damage, which was not too bad. These arkfall events are never boring. Everytime I have joined one, there were different people and there were more than enough to complete the mission. I know I had promised to make this episode about weapon modding but this has been a crazy week and I only got to see the latest episode of the TV Show today (Friday) and I always watch it on Mondays.  We will be taking a look at weapon modding next week and in the meantime, I am definitely going to try Scrapper Uprising again, so should you! Until next week, stay defiant.

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