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Reasons to go f2p?

07. July, 2011Tags: f2p mmo

Free to play MMORPGs


Age of Conan, City of Heroes, Lego Universe and finally World of Warcraft (limited through level 20) started to offer free play chance to players and dropped mandatory subscriptions. There are a few reasons, including alternative ways to monetise, publishers prefer to go f2p.



Free to play bring life to ageing games.


It's like an Adrenaline shot. Just the announcement of a game going free to play, creates a hype among gamers and thousands of gamers who have always wanted to play those games create an account and give it a shot.

This is the main reason some of the older game titles are being converted to f2p titles. Subscriptions have fed these games for years but there are new games out there and the competition is tougher each year.

Gamers evolve.

Gamers evolve too. Compare today's gamer to the one from the previous decade and the main difference is the number of options they have got. Even the most hardcore gamer have limited time to play games (OK, some of them only take a break from their games to sleep but there is still a limit.) With tones of games out there, each player will look for something new and exploring new games is much more entertaining to playing the same old stuff for years and years.


Micro-transactions have worked out well for many game publishers and this is another reason for several games to quit asking for subscription fees and look for generating revenues over micro-transactions.

In game advertisements

It is surely natural for a game to boost the number of players when it goes free to play. f2p Gamers are out there and they are greater in numbers than those who are willing to pay monthly fees. When you have more players, it gives you the chance to attract advertisers. The more the number of players, the more impressions an advertisement will receive and this will create in game advertising revenues. This is another option to monetise games and it seems like we will see more games going F2P in the future.

What do you think?

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