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Featured MMO: UWO

Uncharted Waters Online : Welcome to the Korean territory

The latest update to Uncharted Waters Online opens the gates to the Korean territory. UWO is one of the few MMOs with a massive world map. It's always been huge and it's getting bigger with every update. So, the adventure continues as players can now sail into this new territory and discover the land of the Morning Calm, the "Korean peninsula". There are some new skills to acquire along with new adventures.

Morning Calm - Hanyang - UWO

Korean territory in Uncharted Waters Online. Click the screenshot to read our UWO review.

Main features of this Morning Calm update:

  • Three distinctive new towns, Hanyang, Busan and Pohang.The new ships in this area are the Stacked Turtle Ship and Caoyun Ship.
  • Another new territory is the West Pohang and the west and north coasts of the Korean Peninsula.
  • With this major update, there is a host of new quests and dungeons including the Songsan-ri Tombs.
  • New quests are Dragon Swallowtail, Sin Saimdang Folding Screen, Jeju Island.

If you’ve been on the internet for any length of time – and if you’re reading this instead of visiting Facebook or something, there’s a good chance you’ve been on the internet long enough to realize there’s more to the whole thing than social media – you’ll probably have heard of Uncharted Waters Online.



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