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How to lower latency in MMORPGs

30. June, 2011Tags: How to

Lower lag with WTFast

What is the biggest problem of an MMO gamer? Most of us will complain about latency. Especially in PvP's, suffering from high latency is like surrendering the fight beforehand. Forget about the myths, there are some real solutions to latency/lag problems. Read on to find out how you can lower your ping in games.



Latency is the amount of time it takes for the data to be sent from your computer to the game server. This latency is larger if the distance between you and the game server is bigger. You can not change the distance but distance itself is not the only problem here. When you play a game, the data transmission from the game server to your computer and the other way around is not a direct one. The connection is made of several hops from your computer to your ISP pops and then from your ISP to other servers and finally the game server itself. It is common to see more than 10 hops if you are not in the same country with the game server.

As you possibly know, you want to lower your latency as much as you can to overpower your opponents. Let's say your opponent lives in the same country as the game server. He/she will have a latency (or ping as many refer to as.) like 40-50ms. And if you are connecting from another country, you will have much higher of a latency. Let's say you have 250ms. This means your opponent has the edge before even starting the battle. Thats about 200ms of an advantage to him. This means 1/5 of a second. You can imagine what kind of a difference this can make.

There is also another problem high latency can cause. As the latency is higher and there are several hops in the data stream, it is more likely that you will often get disconnected from the server. Disappointment!

Try WTFast for free and lower your latency in games

Lower your latency with WTFast

There is a way to help aid this situation. With a software called WTFAST (aka What the Fast), an application that is similar to a VPN (Virtual Private Network) you can lower your latency by reducing the number of hops between you and the game server.

Does it really lower latency?

Let's give an example.

Before WTFast, let's say you have 10 hops and 300ms latency.

This could be reduced to as low as 4-5 hops and 120-150ms latency. This is a reduction of 50-60% in latency (lag)

The application seems to be working for thousands of players. Especially World of Warcraft players are reporting good results with WTFast. According to the survery on the application's website, users have lowered their latency.

WTFast can lower your latency (ping,lag) in many games like World of Warcraft, Aion, Eve Online, Ragnarok, Star Trek Online and every type of TCP based games.

You can try the software for free now and see if it works for you too.

Try WTFast for free and lower your latency in games

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