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Battle for Graxia Has Launched

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battle for graxia mobaMOBA fans, there is a new contender as Petroglyph has announced the official launch of its free to play MOBA game Battle for Graxia. The game has been evolving and it's been tested behind closed doors. The launch also means the introduction of new features such as the new Replay mode that allows players to see recorded matches. This was probably the most wanted feature in every MOBA game, as it helps players study tactics. White Knight feature is also a unique feature never before seen in a MOBA game. Sign up now for free 1000 credits in game!


Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game, Battle for Graxia

Let's talk about White Knight first. This unique feature gives players the chance to fill a player slot when one becomes available in an actively running match. 

Steve Tall is the game's Project Leader and he said “Throughout the development process we’ve worked with the community to create a game that adds even more fun for MOBA gamers. We are eager to see what the community thinks of the latest features.”

You can visit the website now and sign up for free. If you hurry up, you will receive free 1000 credits too!

There are bundles that include exclusive Immortals and their alternate skins, personal in-game badge as well as a set of unique booster items are also among the new features of the latest version of the game. Battle for Graxia has launched on Steam too so it will definitely have the chance to become one of the popular MOBA games.

Battle for Graxia is a new MOBA game

It's good to see a new MOBA game with at least a couple of unique features at launch. MOBA genre has not seen many changes recently and we can definitely use fresh ideas.

Battle for Graxia features: 

· A core MOBA experience with unique gameplay features
· Free-to-play download with additional availability on Steam
· Unique Immortals and abilities added regularly
· Artifact items and Skill Trees to customize each Immortal, with the ability to reconfigure in the picking phase
· PvE and PvP modes including 1v1, 3v3, 5v5 and A.R.A.M.
· The all new Replay Mode and 'White Knight' player replacement features
· Reputation and achievement badge recognition features
· US and European server locations



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