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Guild Wars 2 Music: Dragon Bash theme song

in Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 dragon bash music recordingGuild Wars 2 fans must have heard this song several times. Dragon Bash content was introduced with a beautiful theme song that went "Bash the Dragons, bash the dragons" if you can remember. This beautiful song "Spawn the Dragons" was produced by ArenaNet's Matthew Moore. See the latest behind-the-scenes video that shows us how this song was recorded at the studio. It's a great opportunity to understand what kind of devotion and hard works is required to create game updates today.


Guild Wars 2 - Behind the Scenes

Creating new content for MMORPGs today takes more than just adding new missions, new characters or new features. Leave out the coding for a second and think about the work artists take on for each content update. 

A game like Guild Wars 2, that has been receiving regular updates since its release, this is a much larger task for the developers of the game at ArenaNet. Today we're going behind-the-scenes with ArenaNet team and see how they created the theme song for the latest Dragon Bash update. 

The theme song is a catchy one and it has been created by Matthew Moore and a mandolin was used playing this joyful theme song. Check out the video and see how ArenaNet created this brilliant song. ArenaNet was nice enough to include a soundcloud version of the song too. So you can download/play it from the widget below. And while you listen to the theme song, see the latest episode of our Guild Wars 2 diary.

Guild Wars 2 Dragon Bash Theme Song

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