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Guild Wars 2

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Win Guild Wars 2 For Free giveaways continue with Guild Wars 2. Every weekend on, a new episode of Guild Wars 2 Diary goes live. If you follow the diary carefully, you may be the next to win a free copy of Guild Wars 2. Follow the Guild Wars 2 Diary, complete quests for your chance to win your own copy of Guild Wars 2. The winner of Quest 11 has been announced.

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guild wars 2 updates in 2013 and 2014

Guild Wars 2 game director Colin Johnson has posted development roadmap for the remainder of the year. Overall it's all fantastic news for the fans of the MMORPG as they promise to continue with the regular content updates every two weeks, including new skills, a more advanced crafting system (which is already pretty advanced) and of course loads of new World vs World and PvP related content. Guild Wars 2 has not lost any momentum since its release and it looks like it's going to enter 2014 in style. ArenaNet has even increased the number of teams working on Living World. Read all about what's coming to Guild Wars 2 in the rest of the year.

11. July, 2013Tags: Guild Wars 2, Guild Wars 2 Diary, MMO Blog

The Bazaar of the Four Winds is the latest chapter in The Living World updates for Guild Wars 2. It adds a lot of new content, plus changes some of the older tried and tested features, making them cleaner and more user friendly. Today we're going to take a quick look at the update and decide just how much value is added in The Bazaar of the Four Winds.

And if you're not excited, you should be, because it's the best Living World update yet!

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