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Guild Wars 2

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guild wars 2 price drop

If you have been visiting Guild Wars 2 website regularly, you may have noticed what I have. ArenaNet has been offering discounts every now and then and it had come to my attention that the publisher has been doing this to see how it affected sales. According to the press release from ArenaNet today, Guild Wars 2 digital and deluxe editions have new prices from now on. The new sales price for the standard digital edition is now $49.99 (previously $59.99) and the deluxe edition goes for $69.99 instead of the previous price of $79.99. So there is a $10 discount for both versions of Guild Wars 2.

chosen of the sun - hylek villageThe Hylek village is hurting. For years they’ve been sacrificing their champions, sending them to their deaths so that the sun god looks over their village. Not only have their “sacrifices” been providing undead soldiers for the dragons, but they’ve been getting rid of their biggest and best soldiers as well. This has left the little village in an odd position, petrified of losing the protection of the sun god, but probably unable to actually defend themselves if anything did attack them.

Guild Wars 2 The Hylek gameplay

After a few months of side-tracking and playing through updates, it was finally time to continue on with the story. We’d proven ourselves as a member of the Vigil, but it was time to find out which of the smaller species were on our side, and which were helping the dragon and his army of Risen. The first group we decided to learn more about were the Hylek, the frog like people who you’ve probably come across at some time during your exploration of Tyria. Unfortunately, they’re not huge fans of outsiders.

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