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Guild Wars 2

30. March, 2013Tags: Guild Wars 2, Guild Wars 2 Diary, MMO Blog

Guild Wars 2 Diary episode 28At the end of the last Guild Wars 2 diary, we got a message from Logan Thackeray saying that the Queen was attending a meeting in a village near Divinity’s Reach to discuss the new peace treaty between the humans and the charr. He had an uncomfortable feeling about the whole thing, and wanted you to get to the queen’s side as quickly as possible, in the hopes that there’d be extra protection if anything went down. A mark was added to the map, near Divinity’s Reach, and you could visit the mansion whenever you were ready. One piece of advice: take a friend.

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Guild Wars 2 world transfers

Have you ever been disappointed with the world selection you made in Guild Wars 2 and frustrated when you found out that changing your world was only possible for a fee? Today, ArenaNet has announced that world transfers will remain free until the end of the month. This includes only the destinations servers with medium population. So if you have a friend on another world in Guild Wars 2, act quick before this offer expires. Read on and find out how you can transfer to worlds for free in Guild Wars 2.

19. March, 2013Tags: Guild Wars 2, MMO Blog

guild wars 2 the razing updateVolunteers gathered from all over Tyria in the hopes of pushing back The Gathering Storm. So far, they’ve succeeded. Every attempt to push further south has resulted in the dredge being pushed back by the hundreds of men and women working towards their Living Story achievement (and saving the world, of course…). They’ve not only fought to protect the weak, the injured and dying, but they’ve supported them as well. Whether it’s healing on the side of the road or picking up mementos to bring back to a loved one, the people of Tyria have united against a force that has, until now, been easy to repel. But in the distance comes the sound of battle. Their army is getting bigger, the threat getting ever closer… The Razing has begun…

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