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Guild Wars 2

GW2 Sky Pirates of Tyria

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The latest update to Guild Wars 2: Sky Pirates of Tyria has arrived. The Chaos and Mayhem in Lion's Arch caused by the culprits. Ellen Kiel's group is going after the criminal responsible. This new update consists of a new story dungeon: "Aetherblade Retreat" where you will nee d to use all your skills and power to defeat pirates and bring down the Captain and Firts Mate. In this new trailer, see how the tension rises before the hiddent entrance to the Aetherblade base. See our latest Guild Wars 2 news for more details.

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Guild Wars 2 dragon bash music recording

Guild Wars 2 fans must have heard this song several times. Dragon Bash content was introduced with a beautiful theme song that went "Bash the Dragons, bash the dragons" if you can remember. This beautiful song "Spawn the Dragons" was produced by ArenaNet's Matthew Moore. See the latest behind-the-scenes video that shows us how this song was recorded at the studio. It's a great opportunity to understand what kind of devotion and hard works is required to create game updates today.

08. June, 2013Tags: Guild Wars 2, Guild Wars 2 Diary, MMO Blog

The Secret of SouthsunThe Secret of Southsun came only a few weeks after the last part of The Frost and Flame, a fact that had some people worried. How can there be suitable content after so little time? Thankfully, ANet have proven the naysayers wrong by delivering not only a suitable amount of additional content for the Living Story, but perhaps the most new single player content since the Living Story began. There’s also some new fixes and a change to the World Vs World. There’s a lot to see this update, but will you want to see it?

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