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Guild Wars 2 Giveaway

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Win Guild Wars 2 For giveaways continue with Guild Wars 2. Every weekend on, a new episode of Guild Wars 2 Diary goes live. If you follow the diary carefully, you may be the next to win a free copy of Guild Wars 2. Follow the Guild Wars 2 Diary, complete quests for your chance to win your own copy of Guild Wars 2. The winner of Quest 11 has been announced.


Guild Wars 2 Giveaway: Win a copy of Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 is an amazing game. We love playing it. We also love sharing our own adventure with our readers every weekend. We have already done 25 episodes of the Guild Wars 2 Diary. Having spent so much time playing GW2, we thought it was about time we gave our readers a chance to play Guild Wars 2 for free. Presenting you another giveaway at DevilsMMO: Guild Wars 2 Giveaway.

How to Win a free copy of Guild Wars 2?

Every weekend on, a new episode of Guild Wars 2 Diary will come out. To get a chance to win a free copy of Guild Wars 2, all you need to do is watch the gameplay video and ready the diary carefully. We will have a quest(s) here during the week. Complete quests and win. We will be announcing these quests on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ between Sunday and Friday and one lucky fan who complete a quest will win a free copy of Guild Wars 2. So, all it takes to answer is to watch the Guild Wars 2 gameplay videos and read every diary episode carefully. Winner will be announced at the end of each Quest.

Take the 1st step now : Follow us on Twitter, Facebook or Google Plus and keep an eye on us from Sunday, January 6th.

2nd Step: Complete a Quest

    Guild Wars 2 Giveaway - Active Quests

  • QUEST 10 - Challenge 1 (Trivia 22) Click here-> - Challenge 2 : Find the Queen! (always popular!). And comment on that page. (Tip: check articles section) - Challenge 3 : Click here for Challenge 3

    Winner is: Hubert Łączkowski (Poland)

  • QUEST 11 - 1- Challenge 1 -- Challenge 2 -- Challenge 3: "HETSENCHONUS" - Find out which episode this encrypted word refers to and make a comment on that page.

    Winner is: Daniel Mc Donagh (Ireland)

Latest Guild Wars 2 Trailer: Sky Pirates of Tyria

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