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Defiance: The Vagabond mission is now live

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Defiance cross over missionsThe new episode of Defiance the TV Show is tonight. Don't play the new mission in Defiance if you don't want to spoil tonight's episode. The new TV show cross-over mission is called "The Vagabond" and it's about Rynn's arrival. Rynn was unable to escape her past and she is being chased by Bay Area natives. Lawkeeper Jon Cooper is going to try to find Rynn before someone else does. The mission is about locating Cooper and finding out about Rynn's new objectives. Continue reading for the whole story.


Before you read any further, actually, before you play the mission, keep in mind that it does have spoilers for the new episode of Defiance. Therefore, it's better to wait until tomorrow and play the episode then. Unless you just care about the game.

Defiance Diary

So what's the new mission about. We read about for the first time last week in a developer diary. The famous irathient Rynn finds herself crossing the Storm Divide, but she is unable to escape her past. Her crimes have captured the attention of current Bay area natives, and they will stop at nothing to capture her. As a player, you're going to be trying to find Lawkeeper Jon Cooper who has been looking for Rynn.

The new Episode Mission ‘The Vagabond’ will reveal Rynn’s new objectives and it will unlock more missions and rewards. 

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