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Guild Wars 2: More To Come in 2013

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guild wars 2 updates in 2013 and 2014Guild Wars 2 game director Colin Johnson has posted development roadmap for the remainder of the year. Overall it's all fantastic news for the fans of the MMORPG as they promise to continue with the regular content updates every two weeks, including new skills, a more advanced crafting system (which is already pretty advanced) and of course loads of new World vs World and PvP related content. Guild Wars 2 has not lost any momentum since its release and it looks like it's going to enter 2014 in style. ArenaNet has even increased the number of teams working on Living World. Read all about what's coming to Guild Wars 2 in the rest of the year.


Guild Wars 2 and the rest of the year

I am going to admit something first. I never thought ArenaNet would be able to release new content every two weeks for Guild Wars 2, which is a buy to play game without any subscriptions. I just thought it was too good to be true but somehow ArenaNet and NCSoft has been able to keep their promises. So far they have. And if Colin Johnson's latest post is any sign, we will continue seeing new content and new features in Guild Wars 2 in the rest of the year.

Living World

Living World has always been exciting. While some of the updates were rich, some others were a little lightweight. ArenaNet is determined to improve that. In order to speed up Living World updates, instead of one team, the company has built four teams. So we're definitely going to see rich updates in the rest of the year and 2014. While some of the teams produce new content, the others will also be taking another look at previously released bosses and content and improve upon them. 

If you remember the Superadventure Box, that was an amazing experience to see in an MMORPG. It's going to return soon. 

Progression Advancement

Progression is going to be undergoing a lot of changes too but it's going to follow a non-orthodox path compared to other MMORPGs. There will be new skills, new traits for each profession and players will be able to expand their builds. All these new skills and traits will become available when a player unlocks one. This also makes sure that the game has a healthy rewards system. Think of it as a new chance to grow your character and change it without losing any of your past achievements, skills and traits. 

Another great addition to the reward system will be Champion Rewards. Every champion will drop a reward box. (for those who qualify for one).

How about bonus gold for playing all unique dungeons? There is your dream coming true. Those players who have the energy to play all of the unique dungeons will be receiving bonus gold reward for each dungeon path they complete each day. 

Account-bound crafting materials

ArenaNet will introduce a new set of account bound crafting materials. Players will find these materials as rewards once per day per unique location. Capture a camp, go for WvW, you will earn a new crafting material. And in the living world, killing a world boss will get your more materials, so will defeating dungeons...

Crafting at 500

If you have been one of those crafting masters in Guild Wars 2, let me first congratulate you. Once you reach 500, a new tier of material will be at your service. The weapons and armor will also be one of those rare drops. 

There is even more. I couldn't expect more from Guild Wars 2 in the next 4 months but apparently ArenaNet is going to make sure people stick with GW2 before they enter 2014. There will be legendary gear and precursors as well as new types of weapons that we can purchase with crafting material rewards. So you better improve your crafting skills and get ready for the next level in crafting in Guild Wars 2. 

WvW has had several updates in 2013 so far and it's going to see a replacement for the original WvW orb mechanic in borderlands maps. This is being done to create more diversity in gameplay. And of course PvP related updates. The focus of PvP team for 2013 is to improve the sense of reward in PvP. (makes sense!). Finally, we will be getting rewards every time.

With 3 million copies sold, ArenaNet seems to be confident in their product. So we are. Guild Wars 2 has been our most favorite MMORPG in 2013. (look at Guild Wars 2 Diary with almost 40 episodes!). They will be releasing the game in China soon and from what we have seen so far and what we are reading in developer posts today, it's all going to get better for Guild Wars 2 fans in the rest of the year and years ahead. If you don't own a copy of Guild Wars 2, we have an ongoing Guild Wars 2 giveaway.

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