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Guns and Robots: New Game Modes added

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guns and robots new game modesThe free to play robot smashing MMO game "Guns and Robots" has just received a new content update, which introduces the two new game modes. In addition to the previously available Team Deathmatch, two new modes; Capture the Flag”(“Capture the Batteries”) and “Destroy Base” (“Bomb Squad”) are now available. Continue reading for a little more detail on these new game modes, as well as a new trailer.


Guns and Robots: New Modes available

Bulgarian developer Masthead Studios revealed the two new game modes for its free to play shooter game Guns and Robots. Guns and Robots had caught our attention during the Beta stage earlier this year. The game had a successful Open Beta stage and is now ready to introduce its fans with new content. 

In Guns and Robots, you create your own robot from scratch by combining various body parts, weapon and accessories. The body parts are upgradable and the game allows players to craft unique components too. You can see our Guns and Robots gameplay review for more on this free to play title.

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Today's content update adds two new game modes. One of them is the new mod “Capture the Batteries”. In this mod, players will join forces to  steal the other faction’s batteries and take them home safely. This is Guns and Robots' take on the classic "Capture the Flag".

The second game mode is also a fantastic new challenge. In “Bomb Squad”  players need to protect themselves and thendeploy the bomb in the opposing team’s base. They will need to do this as a group as it takes more than just deploying the bomb. Enemies will be coming to disarm it!

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