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Keys Still required for DotA 2

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dota 2A lot of sites have reported that DotA 2 has now gone free-to-play, and that anybody can now head onto Steam and download the game for nothing. This isn't true. They're actually talking about the Spectator version of the game, a version that has been available to download now for almost a year. Although DotA 2 will very shortly go fully free-to-play, it isn't coming today.

If you don't know anybody with a code and can't stand the two or three week wait that's likely between you and a free download of the game, you may be happy to know that the early access packs have reduced in cost.

Previously $30, you can now pick up the starter pack for $10, or the deluxe pack for $20. You get some items with both packs, 7 for the starter pack and 10 for the deluxe. The items won't alter the gameplay at all, although it's worth noting that the deluxe pack comes with an extra announcer (which are quite expensive).

It probably isn't a great idea to buy into the early access pack now, at least not based on the early access alone, as that'll buy you only a few weeks extra game time. It's a pretty good deal for the other stuff, but even that may come down in price or similar things may come available on the DotA 2 workshop.

Valve had previously announced that DotA 2 will go free-to-play in the summer, with most bets on a few days before The International. 

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