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LotRO: Update 11 Goes Live Today

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LOTRO update 11 is liveLord of the Rings Online's Update 11: Treachery of the White Hand goes live today as we reported last week. The update introduces the all new game launcher, finally breaking the game's dependency on .net 1.1. The new region: Wildermore awaits players to conquer it for new quests and new rewards.   On top of that, the new version of the mounted combat arrives and the story continues. Read on for the details and release notes.


Lord of the Rings Online Update 11

Lord of the Rings Online's Riders of Rohan update is a mega update. This update has consisted of new missions, new regions, and the all new feature: mounted combat. Those who have been following the developer diaries may remember that developers had different ideas for the implementation of this complex feature. In time, mounted combat contiued to evolve and with update 11 it's received its most significant update to date. The trait tree has been updated and each class will now get their own specific yellow tree with boosts and skills for each role.

Lord of the Rings Online update 11

LOTRO Update 11 is now live.

Other features of Update 11 are:

  • New Launcher: All new launcher that doesn't require .net anymore.
  • New Region: Wildermore, north of East Rohan, offers new quests, new warbands, and a whole new series of Endgame activities and rewards. 
  • The Epic Story Continues with Wildermore where players will be discovering the source of the sudden change in weather and the new dangers in Wildermore. 
  • Lalia’s Market Now Open in Bree-town
  • Hobbit Gifts: Everyday, and once, players will receive a new alert that they received a special Hobbit present! Another reason to logon daily!

you can read more in our LotRO Update 11 preview with screenshots.

Source: LOTRO u11 release notes


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