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Neverwinter's 2nd Beta Weekend Launches Today

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Neverwinter UndeadThe new Dungeons & Dragons game Neverwinter impressed many fans including us during its 1st beta weekend. The 2nd Closed Beta weekend of the MMORPG is launching tomorrow and players who have CBT access or own the Founder's Pack will be able to play the game one more time. Perfect World has added a new playable class, new zones and and new features to Neverwinter and we will discover all the new content over the weekend. DevilsMMO will have exclusive gameplay videos and screenshots so make sure you check back this weekend. Read on to see fresh screenshots and the new Beta trailer.


Neverwinter: CBT #2 kicks off March 8th

Dungeons & Dragons fans, there it comes. Neverwinter is opening its gates to thousands of fans of the D&D franchise from tomorrow, as Perfect World has announced the 2nd Beta Weekend. If you remember our Neverwinter Preview from CBT #1, expect a lot more! We are going to have much more over this weekend, as we are all set and ready to give it another shot. 

Neverwinter is returning tomorrow, and with some new features too. First of all, there is the new playable class, the Control Wizard. This will be on top of the previously revealed classes; Guardian Fighter, Trickster Rogue and Devoted Cleric. Control Wizard has arcane abilities and with ranged attacks and AoE effects it will prove to be a solid class for balanced parties.

Neverwinter's Founders Packs

Neverwinter Founder's Packs on sale, giving you guaranteed CBT access.

Level cap has been raised to 40 and there are new zones that will be unlocked such as the Ebon Downs and the monastery of Helm's Hold. Mad Dragon will also be taking on players, well, if you are ready for that kind of a battle!

Craig Zinkievich, Executive Producer and Chief Operating Officer, Cryptic Studios said: "The tremendously valuable feedback from peers and fans has allow us to make Neverwinter a truly AAA experience that is also free-to-play. "

Finally, PWE has sent us this brand new trailer (above): The Undead Critter along with new screen-shots but don't forget to visit over the weekend as we are going to have loads of new Neverwinter screens and videos.

Neverwinter - New Undead Screenshots

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