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Planetside 2: Prepare For Ultimate Empire Showdown

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Planetside 2 Ultimate Empire ShowdownNew Conglomerate, Vanu Sovereignity and Terran Republic. These are the three empires you can join in Planetside 2, the free MMOFPS. If you join today, you have exactly one month to train and prepare for the upcoming Ultimate Empire Showdown on January 25th. Auxaris will host this ultimate battle when players team up with their leaders. Continue reading for the details of Ultimate Empire Showdown event.


Ultimate Empire Showdown

SOE has confimed the launch date for the Ultimate Empire Showdown that will see three empires and their leaders battle it out on Auxaris. The big date is January 25th. See the "Choose your Leader" trailer before you pick your empire. If you want to start today (Merry Christmas to you too!) you have exactly one month to train, follow your leaders on social media for freebies and prepare yourself for the ultimate battle. This is Planetside 2, so it's surely going to be a massive battle. And from the sound of it, it's going to be legendary.

Let's take a quick look at these three leaders. Seananners, the first leader wants you to fight for one purpose only. Freedom. Tobuscus, the second leader, counts on its technological advantage over the other two leaders and invites you to join forces with him. And finally, Total Biscuit is a tough guy who believes he will outpower other leaders with your help!

Enjoy the video and see our Planetside 2 review here

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