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Planetside 2: World Domination Series Preseason 2

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Planetside 2 developers created World Domination Preseason 2 based on user feedback and the experience from the first one. The second WDS started last Friday. There are new rules, new rewards and new scoring. So if you have not got involved yet, take the time and watch this funny WDS trailer and make sure you get all the details before you join in. 


Planetside 2 World Domination Series - Preseason 2 has launched

Planetside 2 WDS Preseason 2 launched last Friday and it will run through the end of the month. There are some major changes to the rules, rewards and the scoring system. You may find more information about the new rules at Planetside 2 website.

The new Scoring System:

Scoring system:

- Every 30 minutes that a territory remains owned by an empire, that empire is given WDS Points credited to that server and empire.

- Every 30 minutes that a territory is held by an empire, that territory will become worth more WDS Points. (Values listed are Starting Value / MaxValue after 6 hours.)

     * Small Outpost - Capture 3/25, Defend/Hold 2/8

     * Large Outpost - Capture 6/50, Defend/Hold 4/16

     * Major Facility - Capture 12/100, Defend / Hold 8/32

- The initial Capture and Defend of a region grants WDS Points as well. (See above)

The new rewards:

- Each week, the players who participate in the competition on the winning empire will attain a 3 Day XP Boost.

- After the three week period, the players who participated in the competition on the winning empire will receive an Empire Specific PS2WDS Pre-season 2 Decal and the "Dominator" title that will last until a new season winner is crowned.

- Each week, players will attain WDS Points that showcase their personal contribution. There will be three rewward tiers at 200, 800 and 2,000 WDS Points. Each contribution tier will grant the player a Supply Cache that contains one of many items - camos, boosts, weapons, etc. Players can see their contribution progress on the [Tab] Screen.



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