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Wildstar : The Dominion goes live

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Wildstar Dominion CBT goes liveWildstar is coming later this year. That's going to be a milestone in the history of MMO games. I am saying that because I truly believe this game has got all the uniqueness you'd dream about seeing in an MMO game. And that's only one side of the game. Carbine has completed the first closed beta phase of the game and it is launching the second phase today. Closed Beta #2 is called "The Dominion" and it features the second faction: Dominion this time. The greater news is for the European fans of the game as Carbine has removed the region limitation for this Beta. Read on for the new features and the details on second beta.


Wildstar enters 2nd Closed Beta: The Dominion

Wildstar continues to steal the headlines. Carbine's masterpiece has got a lot to offer. From an interesting storyline to iconic character, from art style to unique gameplay elements and its incomparable humor. 

The game has just completed its first Closed Beta testing and Carbine wastes no time to launch the second phase of the CBT with added features and a new update that's gone live today.

Closed Beta Two is titled The Dominion and it is based on the second faction in the game, the galactic empire called the Dominion. The new update features new playable zones, new dungeons and new Battlegrounds.

The new Beta will be available in Europe too! Carbine Studios announced that it's begun sending invitations to Closed Beta Two.

Update features

  • No Exile faction this time, it's all about the Dominion.
  • The Ruins of Kel Voreth have opened up for testing. The new dungeon is for level 20 players.
  • Battleground: Smash & Grab is now available. This is a 10v10 Capture the Flag mode that's open for level 3 and beyond. The new beta will take the level cap to 30.
  • The old Attribute names (Strength, Dexterity, Technology , Magic, Wisdom, Stamina) have been renamed for more WildStar-ian flair: Brutality, Finesse, Tech, Moxie, Insight, and Grit.
  • Milestones and Attributes have had a major redesign. 
  • You can find a lot more on Wildstar in our special Wildstar section.

See the full patch notes here.


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