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Secret World

02. August, 2012Tags: MMO Blog, Secret World

Get the most out of free MMO trialsThe Secret World is having a trial weekend this week. It’s a game that’s getting quite a bit of attention, in part thanks to its adult content and also because a lot of people really seem to have connected with the mythology of the world. So I think it’s fair to presume that a good deal of you are going to be looking into playing the game this weekend and will be hoping to do as much as you possibly can before deciding whether to buy into the full game or not. While I can’t talk specifically about The Secret World, I’ve played more than a few trial weekends before and below is something of a guide to help you get the very most of the game whilst its free-to-play.

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The Secret World Issue 1 Unleashed

The Secret World is much about its missions. Funcom's conspiracy based modern day MMORPG has been one of the most popular MMOs since its launch in July. Now that the game has been live for a month, Funcom released the first update, also known as the first issue "Unleashed" which adds new investigation missions and the new marketplace feature. Read on for the details of the first monthly update for The Secret World.

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The Secret World free trial

The Secret World's secret societies are no longer a secret. Illuminati, the Dragon and the Templars are now inviting all players around the world to try the game for free. Funcom has revealed the details of the upcoming 1-month celebration events, new content and the eagerly awaited free trial weekend. Read on for details.

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