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Defiance: See Sets & Environment in New Video

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Trion Worlds continue to release more information on its upcoming MMO game "Defiance". In this new episode of "Making Of" series, Defiance producers show us a sneak peek of the sets and environments in the game. From what we have seen in the video guys, we are up for an incredibly realistic game. The environment in Defiance looks stunning and it seems to have extensive amount of detail. Scottish actor Tony Curran says "I've worked on films that aren't as ambitious as this." If that lad seriously means it, and we believe he does, this is going to be one revolutionary MMO.
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End of Nations - Last Stand Trailer

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Trion Worlds released this new trailer "End of Nations - Last Stand" trailer today showcasing the 1vs1 Survival Map. The video is a quick look at the gameplay from this survival map. For more on End of Nations click here->.

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What is Guild Wars 2 Trailer revealed

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ArenaNet has released a brand new introductory trailer for its already-a-legend MMORPG "Guild Wars 2". Definitely the most discussed MMO game of the year and perhaps the most popular MMO game we will ever see in a decade, Guild Wars 2 has really set a new standard in the world of MMO games. Enjoy this brand new trailer if you managed to save yourself for this video to discover Guild Wars 2. Also visit our Guild Wars 2 Diary section for weekly Guild Wars 2 Gameplay Reviews. 

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