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Why browser games are popular? Part I

07. April, 2011Tags: Browser Games

The most popular MMO games are usually the ones we can play via our web browsers. No matter the genre, most of the casual gamers prefer these browser games. We are looking at the factors that make the browser MMO games the most popular type. 


Floppies to DVD's, everything change

As a long time gamer who has seen Atari 2600, Commodore 64's and Amiga's and finally PC and console games, I have witnessed how the games have evolved in the last 20 years.


It was all about entertainment in late 80's and early 90's. Games were significantly poor visually compared to the games of today. Hardware too. Can you imagine a 512k RAM? That was Amiga days and it was powerful at the time. I won't even mention waiting 1 hour for a game to load from a cassette on C64. And if the cassette player had a problem reading it, you had to restart from the beginning just to have a chance to play the game.

From cartridges, cassette's to floppy disks and finally CD's and DVD's everything had changed. It was like a miracle playing Monkey Island running on a hard disk on your AMIGA 600. And that hard drive had 20MB capacity.

From 8 color to 16 and 256 colors on the screen, games started to look better and better. I won't tell the whole story in this article and leave it for another one. All I am trying to say is the changes to the hardware and games also changed the gamers.

PART I : Accessibility and Casual Gamers

In the beginning gamers prioritised gameplay and entertainment factor. Then came the hunger for better visuals and sound effects. That was from mid 90's...

With the introduction of online games and multiplayer fun, gamers started to change again. Broadband internet and better internet connection standards played a big role in this. The faster the internet became, the more and more gamers started to play online games.

This also brought another type of gamers. Some call it Casual Gamers. I call them new Gamers or Gamers by luck. I believe we need another term to define the gamers that had never played any type of computer games before finding out about browser games, Social Network games etc.

This type of gamer can be a 60 year old retired banker or a 55 year old housewife who bumped into a browser game on Facebook or another social network. The first factor that defines the quality of a game in the eyes of this gamer is Accessibility. They don't want complicated games that require downloads or may require powerful hardware that these gamers don't have on their budget laptops.

This is why Browser Games have become very popular. You can not underestimate the population of these Gamers. They can be your father, mother or even your grandmother. Anyone you would never imagine to play games could be spending sleepless hours on the computer playing Business Tycoon Online or Travian.

We will continue next week with PART II

meanwhile you can check out TOP BROWSER GAMES

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