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Age of Wushu: The Eight Legendary Schools

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Age of Wushu SchoolsAge of Wushu, the martial arts MMORPG is in Closed Beta. Yesterday, Snail Games posted this new video on YouTube which goes over the eight legendary martial arts schools which are categorized into Righteousness, Neutral and Evil. Players of Age of Wushu will find that choosing a legendary school is much more important than making a name in the MMORPG. Continue reading for a list of available schools, and the new trailer that shows fighters mastering the school skills and training secrets. 


Age of Wushu's Martial Arts Schools

Age of Wushu is a martial arts MMORPG. Naturally the game is centered around your character's martial arts training. There are eight legendary martial arts schools in the game and instead of choosing a class in a traditional way, players will be choosing one of the schools for their ultimate training. In these eight schools, will players be training and master school specific and unique skills and learn the secret trainings. Therefore, players will need to very carefully select a school before they start developing their characters.

Schools in Age of Wushu


Let's take a quick look at these schools in Age of Wushu before you watch the new trailer. 

  1. Emei: A school for the righteous. Emei is perfect for Melee/Long Distance and Palm, Finger and Dagger attacks. Foung by Guo Xiang it is located on one of the sacred Buddhist mountains in China: Mount Emei. The main weapon is the sword.
  2. Another righteousness school; Wudang is also another Melee school and is located in the middle of the Wudang mountain. Their main strategy is to redirect energy used against them.
  3. All martial arts originate from Shaolin. Shaolin's origins go back to AD 464 and at the bottom of the Shaoshi Mountain, this school is open for fighters who uphold righteousness and reputation.
  4. Beggar's Sect is another melee oriented school that teaches fighting with fist, kick and sticks. The members of Beggars are known to have one pocket indicating their ranks. Xiao Tianfang is their leader.
  5. Scholars are neutrals. Duel sword and musical instrument are their school specific weapons. These are real artists. All members of this school are good at chess, painting, calligraphy and other arts.;
    Age of Wushu - Legendary Schools
  6. Tangmen are the second neutral group that is known to be masters in long range attacks. Darts and Daggers are their favorite weapons and they are not as famous as other schools like Shaolin but this doesn't mean they lack skills. Actually, they are best known for their  ability to hit enemies at 64 different points simultaneously with their strongest weapon the Storm Pear Flower Needle. This is a technique impossible to defend.
  7. Royal Guards, one of the two evil schools, are good with blades, swords and long distance attacks. Their leader Huangfu Yao is one of the strongest and coldest masters. Royal Guards are almost everywhere but they hide their identity when they join tournaments.
  8. Wanderer’s Valley the last of the schools and the other evil one... Mastering long distance attacks with sword and blade, this school is led by Shan Tianming and him and the members of Wanderer's Valley don't care about righteousness. They don't hesitate to use poisons, hidden weapons, sneak attacks. They are known for many sabotages in history.

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