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Age of Wushu

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Snail Games, the group behind Martial Arts MMO Age of Wushu, has announced that they'll be bringing Wushu both to consoles and to the silver screen. Although little else was said about it, those hoping to get more into the lore, or those that want to play their favourite eastern-flavored MMO on the PS4/Xbox One may just end up getting their wish.

Although, actually, they may just have announced it a little bit early.

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If you've managed to stick this long with martial arts-themed MMO Age of Wushu, you're in luck. There are some great new features around the corner which will undoubtedly get you returning to battle, nunchucks ablaze. Announced ahead of E3, which starts early next month, some of these features had already been revealed and others are more than a little overdue. I guess they're called Snail Games for a reason.

  in Age of Wushu, News
Age of Wushu upcoming features

Only a week after its launch, Age of Wushu developers started to talk about their development roadmap. So, if you have been able to grasp what's already there in the martial arts MMORPG, there is so much more to come. Read on to find out about the short term development plans for the game including Rage Skills, Mount Hua competition with the Heaven Sword award and, what else, Weddings...

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