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Pre-E3 Feature Announcement for Age of Wushu

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If you've managed to stick this long with martial arts-themed MMO Age of Wushu, you're in luck. There are some great new features around the corner which will undoubtedly get you returning to battle, nunchucks ablaze. Announced ahead of E3, which starts early next month, some of these features had already been revealed and others are more than a little overdue. I guess they're called Snail Games for a reason.

The first big addition to the game, and arguably the most important of this update, comes in the form of PvP combat. With both team and free-for-all options available, there are a number of ways to approach up to 23 other players. That's quite a decent amount, enough at least that you'll always need to be on your guard. Those that manage to be amongst the very best will be placed on a "celebrity list," although rewards seem to mainly be in name only. Don't expect to be recognised on the street, either in real life or in the PvE mode of Age of Wushu.

There's also going to be a set of new "ultimate" skills. If you've had enough of your stupid, rusty (poorly controlled) old skills, the Ultimate Scroll is bound to make you feel like Jet Li (if you didn't already, of course). This seems pretty par for the course, regardless of how soon this is being released after launch. The only question I have is how they're going to top "ultimate" for the next set of skills. It's going to get silly very quickly. Dragon Ball silly.

The last feature is that you'll be able to get married. We've touched on that before, and it was already announced that it would be coming, but I'm not sure people will have expected it to be so... traditional. Boys can propose to girls. They pay a dowry and then get on with their lives of wedded bliss. Just to clarify, there doesn't seem to be any variation on this rule. You'll also need to purchase a wedding package (this, again, is the boy's responsibility).

Some of these updates are already available, with further abilities and features planned over the coming weeks and months. 

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