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Age of Wushu: Upcoming Features Announced

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Age of Wushu upcoming featuresOnly a week after its launch, Age of Wushu developers started to talk about their development roadmap. So, if you have been able to grasp what's already there in the martial arts MMORPG, there is so much more to come. Read on to find out about the short term development plans for the game including Rage Skills, Mount Hua competition with the Heaven Sword award and, what else, Weddings...


Age of Wushu: Upcoming Features Announced

Snail Games developers are not wasting any time to keep the community involved with development plans for the martial arts MMO. Today, they have posted the upcoming features.

So what are we looking at? To begin with, there is the ultimate competition "Mount Hua" coming to Age of Wushu soon. Mount Hua is the main competition in China that is held to choose and reward the true champion. The reward is the fascinating "Heaven Sword".

Another upcoming feature is a new instance; "Yanmen Pass" which will take player across the country with a unique gameplay for every story.

Age of Wushu - Rage Skills

Rage skills for Age of Wushu coming soon. See our Age of Wushu coverage here.

OK so what about combat? This is Wushu, Martial Arts, isn't it! Don't worry, they've got the Rage Skills coming to Age of Wushu soon. Rage skills will be gained through cultivation so it's time to continue practicing your cultivation!

Well, well, well you didn't see it coming, did you! Weddings will be available in Age of Wushu just like other gazillion MMORPGs from China. I don't know about you guys but I don't see why we need a virtual marriage system in an MMO, let alone a game focused on Martial Arts but we had discussed it before. Anyhow, this is really positive by Snail Games developers to keep the community informed of the development plans for Age of Wushu. 

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