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Elder Scrolls Online Delayed

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If you were excited for all the next-gen console news to come out of E3, there's one small rain cloud attached to the whole thing. The Elder Scrolls Online for PC, originally due in Summer 2013, has been delayed to Spring 2014, to coincide with the release of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of the game. No news as to whether this is an actual delay, a delay due to the developers needing to make changes based on the console version or if Bethesda are showing shades of Rayman Legends and delaying a finished game just because, but delayed it is.


This was confirmed on Pete Hines' twitter feed. Asked whether the PC version was delayed, he said:

He later said that the developers felt the game needed more time in order to make it perfect. That will mean it's been in development for seven years, far longer than the development cycle of even the largest MMOs. That wasn't the only bit of bad news he delivered either.

The Elder Scrolls Online will not be cross-platform. While I'm sure few people were expecting this, it would have been a nice feature and a great move for the first AAA next-gen MMO. If you buy it on PS4, you'll play with people on PS4. If you play on PC, you'll play with people on PC. If you play on Xbox One, you may just be alone if reaction in the last week is anything to go by...

If you can stand the 9-12 month wait, there's no doubt that The Elder Scrolls Online will entertain. For those of use who were expecting it in the next month or so, this last minute delay is not good news and the "to make it perfect" excuse doesn't really fly (although neither does the idea that the console versions of the game are so early in development that the E3 announcement would change anything). This is one to watch, although there's plenty of great games worth playing in the mean time.

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