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Firefall: Chosen War update revealed

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Firefall Chosen WarRed 5's upcoming (yes, again!) shooter MMO Firefall has managed to catch the eye once again, at another PAX East. This time, with a major update... Firefall's new update "Chosen War" is changing the war forever for the humans. The open world becomes a battlefield as man kind try to survive another Chosen invasion. Players will also see the updated progressions system, advanced crafting, new dynamic and local events as well as new features allowing more customization.


Firefall : New update puts pressure on mankind!

Firefall is impressive. It's not because it's a decent and free to play shooter but I find it impressive because it's still a game in Beta and we're still waiting for its release. No, seriously, actually we're not waiting and you shouldn't either.  It's just called Firefall Beta and it continues to evolve. If you remember our interview with David Williams back in summer 2012, Williams had made it clear that we shouldn't care about the Beta tag next to Firefall.

"One day it just won’t be a beta anymore. In our minds, it’s a fully featured game at this point and we’re just polishing it at this point." - David Williams in an interview with DevilsMMO in 2012

As Firefall continues to change and evolve, developers are pushing the game's limits and improve different parts of the game with new updates. PAX East was always going to be full of surprises and we were sure Red 5 would have something in store for us Firefall fans. They didn't prove us wrong. Red 5 announced the new "Chosen War" update which is already available for testing.

If you still don't have access to Firefall Beta, you can get a Firefall beta key and check it out today.

Chosen War turns the already challenging open world of Copacabana to a deadly warfront. Chosen race bombards strategic locations and prepares for more attacks on mankind. Players will have to join forces and fight back or it will be before tomorrow that the Chosen puts an end to mankind's existence. 

The update also introduces an improved progression system as well as better crafting options, giving players a better system for customization. As we have posted earlier, Firefall's new PvP system will be using standard Battleframes, with Tiers removed and the new three tree system will provide players with a better balanced PvP match experience. 

PvE fans will also discover the new Accord Battle Lab experience that's mostly aimed to serve as a basic tutorial for new players but all players will be going through this new experience when they logon.  Red 5 has also added new locations to New Eden. Players will earn rewards from the new crafting and progression system. There is even more to it and if you care for more details, you can read the full patch notes here.


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