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Planetside 2: The Power of Forgelight

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Forgelight engineIf you have a powerful PC, Planetside 2 will look amazing to you with complex lighting effects, object shadows, cloud shadows and very high details. If you don't, it still plays at a decent frame rate. The day night cycle rendered in real time while thousands of players connected to the same server, battle on the same battlefield. Forgelight engine is behind all these effects and smooth gameplay. Listen to Planetside 2 developers and find out how Forgelight works. 


Forgelight - The Power Behind Planetside 2 battles

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Forgelight is the core engine that is behind Planetside 2 that is the combination of tools for Planetside 2 designers and the power behind the renders and the servers of the game. Developers at SOE has released this new video today, telling us more about the Forgelight engine, that makes Planetside 2 look and play this good.

In the video you will see how complex the little details are in Planetside 2. The number of complex shadows, object materials and advanced lighting, transmittance of sunshine through the leaves of a tree, radiosity, lit particles are shown. 

What's even more impressive and that's not discusses in the video is that Planetside 2 and Forgelight does an amazing job to give you the smoothest gameplay and decent frame rate even if you have an old PC. 

Of course, these effects won't be available and the game won't look nearly as good on your PC if it's not powerful enough but we don't really pause a shooter game and notice all these details, or do you? Nevertheless, enjoy the video.


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