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World of Tanks: X360 version is live

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world of tanks on x360Wargaming has had incredible success with its first combat MMO game World of Tanks. Remembering the first time we played the game, we would have never expected a consolve version of the game. We had even questioned the MMO elements of the tank game. Today, Wargaming announced the release of the game's X360 version, taking a huge step forward for the company. We don't know if the Russian developer will focus on console gaming in the future but today is your chance as an XBOX fan to test one of the most remarkable MMOs of the decade.


World of Tanks goes 360

Tanks are fascinating vehicles, no matter where you stand with Wars. With hundreds of different types of tanks manufactured by several nations in the previous century, it's always fun to test a new machine of steel in World of Tanks. The developer of the game, Wargaming has always been very enthusiastic about designing life-like tanks, making the game even more attractive to the fans of tanks. There are hundreds of tanks in World of Tanks and all of them are coming to consoles this year. Today, Wargaming announced the global release of the game on X360, making it the first of its kind on consoles.

object 263

One of the strongest tanks in the game: Object 263

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Victor Kislyi, CEO of Wargaming announced it today and said “World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition is a tremendous leap forward for Wargaming. "

There are two special  “Founder’s Packs” available in the first 2 weeks after the release, and these packs consist of special premium tanks, resources and items at a reduced gold price of almost 40% off.

Founders Pack 1 will contain the US Tier VII T23 medium tank, an extra garage slot, 17 premium ammo rounds, a 100% trained crew, 10 small repair kits, 10 small first aid kits, 10 manual fire extinguishers, an exclusive gold star emblem and 30 days of premium account status for the price of 6,700 gold.

Founders Pack 2 will contain the German Tier V PzKpfw V-IV medium tank, an extra garage slot, 19 premium ammo rounds, a 100% trained crew, 5 small repair kits, 5 small first aid kits, 5 manual fire extinguishers, an exclusive black star emblem and 7 days of premium account status for the price of 3,400 gold. Players who purchase both packs will also receive a bonus Russian T-127 light premium tank.

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