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Elsword Infinity Sword

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Elsword's transformation series of updates continue with the new "Infinity Sword" class. Infinity Sword is the next “Evolution” and an enhanced version of the Sheath Knight class. The new Infinity Sword retains the ability to dual wield swords, and adds new abilities as well as a brand new look. Infinity Sword is perfect for the fans of melee class. As the transformation continues, players need to adjust their PvP strategies too. The Infinity Sword has more power and range. The “Infinity” name comes from the ability to summon several different swords.

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summon monsters in elsword

Kill3rcombo's Elsword has been receving update after update thanks to the development team's busy roadmap for 2013. This is only great for the fans of the game as they are finding new features almost every month. We have also had a hard time keeping up with the latest additions to the game. Today's update is quite a different one than the previous updates. This one allows players to summon Monsters and use them as allies in dungeons.

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Elsword Code Electra

Action MMO game Elsword's transformation is nowhere near completion. Today, Killercombo has announced the transformation of another class. This time it's the popular character Eve getting attention from the developers. The new Code Electra class gives Eve more arsenal of weapons, new looks and abilities. Read on for the full details of the new class Code Electra along with its brand new trailer and screen-shots.

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