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Soldier Front 2

Soldier Front 2 is tactical shooter MMO by Aeria Games. See Soldier Front 2 reviews, gameplay videos and giveaways here.
05. July, 2013Tags: MMO Blog, Soldier Front 2

Tonight's Devil's Daily was going to be about Soldier Front 2's Fun House mode. It's a fun, innovative game that takes place in an arena entirely made out of glass. You can shoot out panels, which causes enemies to drop to a large spiked floor below, but the more you shoot, the less room there is for you to move around. It was my favourite part of Soldier Front 2 Early Access, and one of the reasons I recommended people take part in the open beta.

It was going to be about that, but it isn't. As I tried to log in this evening, I was met with an unusual message. "This game is only available in North America..."

I'd been region locked.

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soldier front 2

Aeria's new tactical shooter MMO game Soldier Front 2 is entering Open Beta with new content. The fast paced tactical shooter has had great success during its Closed Beta and had impressed us greatly when we participated in press event last month. With the launch of the Open Beta the game has got an all new game mode called "Escape" as well as four new maps for the death match mode. There are also a host of GM events to be held to celebrate the Open Beta and reward players who join the test. Check out the latest screenshots when you read on. We also have a Soldier Front 2 giveaway, for those who act quick!

Soldier Front 2 first look reviewThere are a number of mid-level FPS games out there, the sorts of games that are often quite retro-based both in terms of gameplay and in terms of visuals. You’ve probably played the likes of Wolf Team, you’ve seen the gimmick, you’ve enjoyed it and then wondered where things might go from there. How can they improve on a subgenre that is undoubtedly fun, but rather set in its ways? (*find your free item pack at the bottom of this review)

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