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TERA Diary

TERA Diary

Weekly TERA diary gives you all the details and insight for the MMO game TERA with screenshots and gameplay videos too.
14. July, 2012Tags: MMO Blog, TERA, TERA Diary

Exploring the World of TERASeravy the unicorn had been purified which had given the faeries of Fay Forest a little more hope for the future, but it had also revealed that there was something dark in the forest, something that shouldn’t be there and that was causing all these problems. I mopped up a few rogue unicorns and got on my way, knowing full well that I’d done almost all I could in the Fey Forest, although returning at a later time really was inevitable. First though I’d need to investigate an area of the woods ‘d never been to, a beautiful but troubled spot that would reveal more about the problems all the people of the forest had been suffering.

07. July, 2012Tags: MMO Blog, TERA, TERA Diary

Fey ForestFey Forest might seem like a far cry from the Isle of Dawn. It’s less open, with thicker tree lines and even less friendly locals (if that could be possible), with tight paths and large groups of monsters. Occasionally, as you travel on your way, you’ll find a house or a couple of people doing something for the war effort, but it isn’t difficult to see that the forest is owned entirely by the faeries, gnomes and other natives. Fey Forest might seem completely different from the Isle of Dawn, that’s true,  but underneath the surface there is trouble brewing, trouble that has its roots on Dawn and in the return of the malevolent demon god Lok.

01. July, 2012Tags: MMO Blog, TERA Diary

TERA Fey ForestMy trip to Velika was short-lived, as gorgeous as it was. The high buildings and built-up alley ways were a stark contrast to the Island of Dawn, where I’d spent much of my early time in the game. Not surprising then that I felt overwhelmed at first. The world had suddenly opened up to me, entire regions to explore were reachable with only a short trip on a Pegasus and there was more to see and do than I’d ever imagined would be available to me so quickly. But after only a few quests, mainly getting me used to things like crafting and revealing in more depth the story of the wider world, it was time to move on. There were important things afoot, and, after the revelations on the Isle of Dawn, I was going to be a major part in the time to come.

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